About us

St. Matthew’s primary school is beautifully situated in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains. The school was established in 1953 and plays an integral part, along with the significant help from our parents and local community, into the development of our children. The school has fantastic grounds which include a large playground, an obstacle park for all ages and a spacious games playing field which is used for coaching local sports such as Gaelic football, Hurling and Camogie. However the surroundings at St. Matthew’s promote all types of sports and games and have contributed to a very healthy, lively and enthusiastic culture within our school.

We also have indoor facilities that we use for PE, Drama, School Assemblies and afterschool clubs.

We pride ourselves on being a very welcoming school that empower our pupils and maximise their learning through a variety of different learning techniques, building their self esteem and confidence in a safe and caring environment.